How to Attract More Guests

The fight to attract bookings is fierce.

Lodging operators spend heavily on internet, print and other advertising without really knowing what works and how well. They spend thousands or hundreds of thousands designing, writing and updating their websites.

"I know only half my advertising works. The problem is, I don't know which half." - - Henry Ford

Visitors take only a few seconds to decide if your website has what they are looking for. High quality, highly accurate photos are the fastest and best way to catch their eye. Plus, bad photos leave bad impressions.

So the only way to win is to catch the eye of every guest who looks. And the only way to do that is with fascinating High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos.

Introducing Signatour Photo Team

We have perfected how to shoot and process accurate compelling architectural photography for Inns, Resorts, Hotels and Vacation Rentals. Our Perfect-Touch program requires technical education, years of experience and the artistic skill that most profession photographers can not match.

Perfect-TouchTM System
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Without HDR even profession
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